Monday, 23 May 2011

'Night out' gaffe by council repairs chief

STAFF in the city council's statutory notice department were preparing to celebrate being cleared of wrongdoing with a "night out like no other" in the months before 14 workers were suspended.

In an e-mail leaked to the Evening News, property conservation boss Brian Sibbald reassured his staff about an internal audit that would inspect every process within the department. He adds: "Following the 'successful' outcome of this audit, there shall be a staff night out like no other!!!"

Instead, nearly half the department has been suspended and senior sources have alleged that fraudulent activity of a "serious nature" has been discovered by independent auditor Deloitte and police during the lengthy investigation.

Today, a source told the Evening News: "This department was so internalised, even complaints made were handled by the department itself. "Some of the people involved seemed to view themselves as untouchable. The system was open to abuse and some people took advantage of that."

My comment: I thought all council departments worked that way. 

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  1. 14 people to issue statutory notices - seems a lot of people