Thursday, 26 May 2011

Merton Council refuse to quash emergency doctor's parking fine

Council staff have refused to rip up the ticket handed to a GP providing emergency psychiatric care in Wimbledon. 

Dr Harvey Gordon was called to Haydon’s Road in Wimbledon on August 12 last year along with police and ambulance crews, to assess a man with serious mental health problems who, for his own safety, was being taken into care against his will.

The Surrey-based doctor parked in a residents space as no public parking was available, but left a note and British Medical Association badge on his windscreen. When he found he had been ticketed by Merton Council, he appealed, but was told to pay up.

An independent adjudicator said although the ticket was not illegal there were “compelling reasons” to cancel it, but the authority ignored the recommendation.

My comment: Shame on Merton Council but what is the point of having watchdogs if a council can ignore them with impunity? I wonder what the council officer concerned would say if they called out an emergency doctor to their child and had to wait because the doctor was driving round and round looking for a parking place? I just hope an elected representative gets involved and brings some sanity back into Merton Council officer's decisions because as it stands it looks like they are the ones in need of psychiatric help.

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