Saturday, 14 May 2011

Lancashire police misconduct shock

MORE than 50 officers and police staff have committed serious misconduct offences in the past three years, it can be revealed.

Allegations ranged from assault, theft and drink driving to possessing child porn, fraud, making threats to kill and rape.

The full details have been made public only because of a Freedom of Information request by the Lancashire Telegraph.

It has led to calls for police misconduct hearings to be held in public, mirroring the open system in place for other public sector staff such as teachers, doctors and nurses. But police bosses insisted matters should remain private.

The Telegraph’s FOI comes as a separate investigation by the Times newspaper revealed a ‘postcode lottery’ across forces when it comes to misconduct hearings, with police more likely to be dismissed in Lancashire than most other constabularies.

My comment: Like all public authorities they like to keep the truth from the public.

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