Thursday, 26 May 2011

Judges made 333 privacy orders in the last five years

The worrying extent of gagging orders keeping secrets from the British public was laid bare last night. Analysis showed there are more than 333 court privacy edicts in place shielding the identities of celebrities, children, vulnerable adults, criminals and businessmen.

The judiciary has failed to keep official statistics, but the analysis suggests there are far more injunctions in place than was previously thought. They have been issued in the past five years by unelected judges and, in many cases, the media was unaware of their existence and therefore unable to challenge them.

My comment: Judges using gagging orders to stop the public getting the facts, councils using gagging agreements to stop ex staff exposing them to public scrutiny and council staff trying to use gagging agreements to stop councillors exposing them to public scrutiny. Welcome to secretive Britain where the public are not allowed to know. All thanks to judges and legal eagles distorting the true meaning of the human rights act.

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