Saturday, 28 May 2011

Investigation into alleged bullying, harassment and fraud by senior NHS bosses

The New Journal can reveal details of a series of serious allegations against NHS Camden managers. One member of staff is accused of bringing out the primary care trust’s on-call engineers to fix the boiler at his home when it broke down.

NHS Camden is responsible for the administrative control of all medical services across the borough, including hospitals and GP surgeries.

A whistleblower has claimed that seven staff felt forced to quit their jobs after complaining they had been subjected to sustained bullying by superiors. Some were clinically depressed and had to seek counselling, it is claimed.

Meanwhile, allegations of fraud include misuse of public funds and illegal access to confidential data. NHS North Central London sector, the primary care trust’s over-arching body, has confirmed this week it is investigating and treating the matter “very seriously”.

The allegations include claims that:
A maintenance manager was bullied until he went on long-term sick leave with severe depression and was in need of therapy.
A contracts manager also had counselling for bullying.
A risk manager was bullied, harassed and made ill.
An admin manager harassed by senior management suffered serious health problems.
Two help-desk operators have been harassed by senior management.
Foul language, racial harassment, bullying of technical teams.
Accusations of “illegal access” to data accounts.
My comment: Now we know why senior staff in public authorities like using compromise agreements so much, to keep potential whistle-blowers from spilling the beans. Were are the procedures, scrutiny and watchdogs to stop this happening in the first place. Once again they are trying to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted.

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