Sunday, 29 May 2011

How Conwy council bureaucrats brought misery to farmers

Mr Williams, who runs the farm with his wife Edna and sons Berwyn, 27 and Selwyn, 29, said: "I've been farming all my life and I've never seen anything like this.

"We found ourselves being pursued on totally groundless charges and the cases have brought a lot of stress and heartache to my family for nearly three years.

Mr Williams' solicitor said the case was "one of the worst abuses of the law I have seen by a council against a respected and award-winning farming family".

David Kirwan, a farming specialist with Wirral-based Kirwans solicitors, said: "There was never any justification for bringing this case and it is a scandal that it has been allowed to drag on as long as it has.

Mr Kirwan said the case was just the "tip of the iceberg" of "pointless prosecutions". A series of cases have been brought then dropped in similar circumstances to Mr Williams' ordeal, including several in north Wales in the past few weeks alone.

The cases have cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Councils have also been criticised for making "excessive" claims for costs, in cases where they are successful, to help boost their coffers at a time of financial cuts. Last week one council's claim for costs against a farmer from Abergele was slashed from £15,500 to £1,750 at Mold crown court.

My comment: Is this a case of council jobsworths trying to justify their existence or a council using devious tactics to in an attempt to boost their coffers? If it's the latter they have made a real pigs ear of it [pun intended].

For a full list of all the other cases they wasted taxpayer's money on please read the full Telegraph article. 

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