Friday, 27 May 2011

GMB calls for statement about Andrea Hill

GMB today called on Suffolk County Council to make an immediate and unequivocal public statement regarding the absence from work of Andrea Hill the Chief Executive of the Council.

This GMB call is in response to recent press reports that Andrea Hill, Suffolk's Chief Executive may not return to work. In these reports Mrs Hill's absence is put down to 'extended personal leave'. It is also reported that 'Mrs Hill oversaw dozens of "gagging orders" to prevent staff detailing their experiences at the local authority, presiding over payouts totalling more than £520,000 last year'.

Shaune Graham, GMB Senior Organiser said, "The rate payers in Suffolk and the staff of the council including GMB members emploed [SIC] there are entitled to an unequivocial [SIC] public statement from Suffolk County Council regarding the  absence from work of Andrea Hill, Chief Executive of the council.

This public statement should also clarify reports that £520,000 of tax payers money was used to fund 'gagging orders' for staff at the council.

These media reports are damaging to the reputation of Suffolk County Council and the coucil leaders have a duty to come clean and clarify the position  immediately."

My comment: A bit premature when you consider that there has been an investigation (which has only recently concluded) and the special committee meet next week to discuss the findings.

Download the full statement from the source GMB

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