Saturday, 28 May 2011

Fury as police ban starting pistol for traditional Whitsun race

Villagers in Oxfordshire are smarting after being hit with a ban on using a starting pistol to send off competitors in a centuries-old race.

A shotgun was once used to start the Great Shirt Race, which is held at Whitsun and features two teams pushing prams round Bampton's pubs and drinking half a pint of beer at each. But in 2000 that was replaced with a starter pistol after pressure from police.

Now they've been told that because the starter pistol, an Olympic .380 BBM, can be converted for criminal use they cannot use that either.

Thames Valley police spokesman Adam Fisher said that similar starting pistols had been converted into lethal weapons and used in recent shootings, primarily in London.

My comment: Extrapolating that logic, fast cars are used by criminals for getaways so do we also ban fast cars? Knives are used more often that guns so why not ban all knives? Cars kill people so should we ban all cars? Many common items in a supermarket can be combined to create a bomb so do we ban these?

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