Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Fire chief retires and then returns to work in SAME role

Fire chief retires with £425,000 pension... and returns to work in SAME role on £75,000 a year.

Greg Heath, managing director of Derbyshire Booth Financial Management said: 'It is typical of what has been going on in the public sector and it needs to be stopped. 'I don't think it is a good deal for the taxpayer. It might turn out to be saving from the budget but it is coming out of somewhere else, it is more number shuffling than a real saving to the taxpayer.

'They might save on the wage and payroll but they have moved it over to pension liability. 'It is a massive saving for the authority which is particularly in line with the reduction in the grant.

Lancashire County Councillor David O'Toole, the Tory chairman of the fire authority, said the deal as agreed unanimously. 'If anybody is making a complaint it is sour grapes because it is in line with the savings we are looking to make...'

My comment: Typical of public authorities, apparent savings  are just smoke and mirrors, they have just 'creatively' moved the liability from one source to another. Unfortunately whilst they may save on their salary budget the taxpayers now has  liability for both his pension and salary. 

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  1. Sometimes you put out a fire, only for it to flare up somewhere else - JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT YOU'D GOT RID OF IT.

    Smoke and mirrors indeed :-)