Saturday, 21 May 2011

Councils’ rubbish idea to raise revenue

Some cash-strapped local authorities are starting to charge at the dump for household waste.

Last month Somerset Waste Partnership, which manages recycling and waste services on behalf of the six authorities, brought in pay-per-visit fees at four recycling centres threatened with closure. Householders now have to pay between £1.20 and £2 to enter the sites.

“These tip taxes are utterly counterproductive,” Pickles said at the time.  “I urge local residents to report the council to the district auditor and to the local government ombudsman.”

But, a month on from the introduction of the changes, a spokesperson for Somerset Waste Partnership says: “We’ve had no legal challenge from legal watchdogs or from any of our residents as yet.

My comment: The Local Government Ombudsman that Pickles mentions has no mandatory powers, so they can't stop this. The government set up the toothless local authority arse licking Local Government Ombudsman in 1974, One that is now also staffed in the main by ex local authority officers. 

So why does Pickles suggest they have the power and independence they don't have? Especially since the department he now runs, has for the last 20 years, recruited Local Government Ombudsmen from the local authorities they are supposed to be watching. Which hardly makes them as independent as Eric would like us to think they are. Here is an example of the background of a typical LGO, recruited in 2005 by the government department he is now in charge of.

Council watchdogs? More like council lapdogs. Here is an example of a Local Government Ombudsman sucking up to a council.

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