Monday, 2 May 2011

Council staff in South Wales take 888 years off sick

Council staff in South Wales have spent the equivalent of more than 888 years on sick leave last year. A combined total of 324,431 days were taken off sick by staff employed by our councils.

Bridgend council staff took off sick most frequently, with every employee (equivalent) taking 10 days and seven hours off work on average during last year.

Poorly employees at , spent more than a third of a millennium off from work last year – the equivalent of almost nine days per worker.

A total of 30,523 days in total and a week on average were spent on the sick by Vale of Glamorgan council staff over the past nine months.

The South Wales Echo revealed last week that Wales’ NHS staff took a colossal 2.4 million days off work in the past five years.

The total equates to nearly 6,700 years of staff sickness over the period.

My comment: Doesn't it make you sick? [Pun intended :)] 

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  1. Bullying and harassment takes its toll. This is very little to do with 'swinging the lead'. Having worked for two councils, I know what goes on between their walls. In my last job, I was victimised and off sick for 17 months in total. I know of somebody on the Wirral who's been a year on the sick and two years on 'gardening leave' in similar circumstances. That's the truth of it, and the kind of thing that bumps up the totals massively.