Monday, 23 May 2011

Chris Huhne please note - Policeman sent to jail for speeding lies

A policeman who tried to dodge speeding tickets by twice claiming a man living in Hollywood was driving his car was jailed for six months yesterday.

Detective Constable Jason Butler, 45, already had six points and was worried about losing his licence when he was twice clocked by a speed camera breaking the limit.

So in a bid to avoid the points, he tried to claim his vehicle was being driven by a 'Walter Earl', an American tourist he had met years earlier through his police work. But Interpol tracked the man down, who proved he was in America at the time of the speeding offences.

Judge Francis Gilbert QC said the offence was "very serious" particularly when "committed by a police officer who is bound by his duty to enforce and not to break the law".

He added: "This offence must carry with it a very serious deterrent otherwise we might as well throw away the cameras and forget the whole system altogether.

"If people can get away with nominating friends and families to take their points it defeats the whole system. As a police officer you knew exactly what you were doing and you did it twice."

My comment: No wonder Chris Huhne is so worried!

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