Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Chief Constable Grahame Maxwell admits misconduct

North Yorkshire's Chief Constable has admitted disreputable conduct, the BBC has learned.

It follows allegations that Grahame Maxwell helped a relative gain unfair advantage in a police recruitment campaign.

He is thought to be the first chief constable to face gross misconduct charges in more than 30 years. A misconduct charge was upheld against Mr Maxwell's deputy, Adam Briggs. He has since retired. Two civilian staff were sacked and a police constable was given a final written warning.

My comment: Looks like he developed a culture of disreputable conduct if others were involved.

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UPDATE 10/5/11: North Yorkshire Police's chief constable has been given a final written warning after admitting disreputable conduct.

My comment: Staff sacked but the man in charge only warned, WHY?

Read the full story from the source BBC News or read a fuller account Mail On-Line

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  1. There is a Common theme running through Maxwell's career. Everywhere he has been in positions of influence, interest and control has also been infiltrated with the organisation Common Purpose. This fake charity operates through its 'graduates' and is financially dependent upon insider dealing through its network.
    It is possible that he saw his behaviour as 'normal' in such an institutionally corrupt environment.