Sunday, 15 May 2011

Camden Council and blatant nepotism?

A senior councillor has been parachuted into a desirable central London home after a young family was evicted by her housing association against their wishes, it has emerged.

Sue Vincent, Camden Council’s cabinet member for the environment, moved into exclusive address shortly after the Harris family were forced to leave by the Seven Dials Housing Co-operative.

Paul Harris, 28, his sister Diane, 25 and her 10-month-old son Tommy, were told they had to leave the three storey house in Covent Garden following the death of their father after the association’s decision to invoke an “appalling” internal policy.

The family, who lived in the house in the heart of London’s theatre land for more than 25 years, were told they had to leave because a “succession” had already occurred.

My comment: If it looks like nepotism and smells like nepotism we have to at least consider the fact that it may well be a case nepotism! Why couldn't they do up one of their 500 empty properties for her? I suppose what's good enough for a Chief Constable is good enough for Camden but where are the council watchdogs  to catch them at it, as the IPCC did in the case of the Police. Surely Camden scrutiny committee are going to investigate this even if our pathetic watchdogs don't.

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