Saturday, 21 May 2011

Axe falls on some lordly benefits

The Government hopes to chop at least half the salary of the Speaker of the House of Lords.

The incumbent, Labour’s Lady Hayman, has decided not to seek re-election in July. Perhaps her circa £110,000 salary will evaporate with her.

The non-job of Lord Speaker was created in 2006, mainly because the then Lord Chancellor, Charlie Falconer, wanted longer lunches and disliked having to sit on the Woolsack in his hot wig. The Blairites duly inserted one of their own: ex-Labour MP Hayman.

A small fortune in salary and expenses was sucked from the tax teat.

The Lord Speaker’s perks include gold robes, global travel and gorgeous apartments. The position cost millions. And yet the Lord Speaker hardly says a word in the Chamber. What a Gilbert & Sullivan nonsense.

My comment: The mother of all public sector none jobs. Why does the government only want to cut half the salary rather than the whole job?

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