Sunday, 3 April 2011

You're jealous! Council chief paid more than PM blasts critics

One of Britain’s highest-paid town hall chiefs – attacked for resisting a salary cut while lavishing taxpayers’ money on a leadership coach and publicity photographs – has accused her critics of ‘envying’ her success.

In an extraordinary 1,800-word article for the Suffolk County Council staff newsletter, chief executive Andrea Hill defended her £218,592 salary, which is £75,000 higher than the Prime Minister’s, and said she should be praised as a role model.

Her article coincided with disclosures that she had stayed in hotels on expenses in order to avoid rising early in the morning to travel the 60 miles from her home in Cambridgeshire to breakfast meetings yards from her office in Ipswich.

My comment: She just doesn't know when to keep her head down, does she. Typical of all fat cats in that she measure her success in monetary terms. 

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