Saturday, 23 April 2011

Woman gets compensation over arrest horror

A WOMAN has been compensated by Essex Police who locked her up for a crime she didn’t commit – despite them having CCTV footage proving her innocence.

 Beverley Bennett, from St Peters Road, Chadwell St Mary, was held in a police cell for six hours on suspicion of stealing petrol from her local garage, even though staff told police the thieves were male. Her car, parked by police in a lay-by, had been stolen.

 Beverley said she was “absolutely furious” at the whole ordeal – and that it has shaken her faith in the police.  She added: “I was on my way to pick up my terminally ill mother for a hospital appointment when I was pulled over. “The police don’t care about people’s lives, they just want to make an arrest.”

She wanted to sue the police for her ordeal, but said most solicitors weren’t interested as it involved the police. Eventually she found someone in Liverpool willing to take on her case, and settled out of court for £2,000. 

Essex Police still haven’t caught the real thieves. A spokesman said: “This was human error and the member of staff concerned has been spoken to.”

My comment:  Very difficult finding a solicitor willing to take legal action against any public authority. In any event I think the member of staff needed more than a talking to.

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