Friday, 15 April 2011

Wirral Council apologise and offer whistle-blower his job back

THE leader of Wirral Council has made an unprecedented apology on behalf of the authority for "ripping off" vulnerable people in its care.

He also promised swift disciplinary action against those responsible for bullying a social worker out of his job - and has even offered him his position back.

Mr Morton had raised his concerns several times with his managers, but he was ignored, bullied and driven out of his job.

The "overcharging policy" he exposed of elderly and vulnerable people living in homes at Bermuda Road, Curlew Way and Edgehill Road, all in Moreton, went on for seven years.

The council was forced to admit its errors and repaid 16 care home residents £250,000. 

My comment: Bullying whistle-blowers, getting staff to sign compromise agreements or buying their silence is common practice with many councils.  This is one of the reasons we need real watchdogs with real teeth and not those who suck up to councils and allow this sort of practice to exist. 

Notice, as with other council scandals and the MPs expense scandal, something is only done when the press get involved. What the hell was the council's scrutiny committee doing, why didn't their monitoring officer do something and where were all the watchdogs when this whistle-blower needed help?

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  1. Martin has more courage in his little finger than a million of the vindictive, bullying, disability discriminating thugs he was lined up against for a decade. From the top to the bottom of dysfunctional Wirral Council, the one thing that safely identifies the crooks to us is a yellow streak down their backs a mile wide.