Saturday, 16 April 2011

Whistle-blowers, compromise agreements, bullying and pay offs

Why are so many Councils now bullying and/or paying off potential whistle-blowers? We have Suffolk County Council paying out an average of £43,000 per month to keep potential whistle-blowers quiet. Cheshire West and Chester Council and Brent Council using compromise agreements as a means of silencing potential whistle-blowers. Whilst Wirral Council bullied a whistle-blowing social worker out of their job. (Only to offer it him back when they realises he was telling the truth.) And the list probably goes on and on.

Begging the question, why is our Government not protecting potential whistle-blowers so the truth about Local Government can come out?

Probably the same reason why we still have he same pathetic Watchdogs and Local Government Ombudsmen, because our Government doesn't want the truth to come out about how bad Local Government actually is. In essence I believe our Government couldn't handle the truth if it came out and prefer instead to let Local Government bury the problem for them at the taxpayer's expense.

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  1. There is more information on this subject at the following link. Following their failure to declare the action 'unlawful', litigation is now proceeding against Cheshire West and Chester Council:

  2. There are many contracts signed between an employee and employer.Compromise Agreement is one of them.