Saturday, 23 April 2011

Weymouth and Portland Borough Council: Dog killers

Family's heartbreak as 'big softie' dog is put down by council just TWO HOURS after it was let out by burglars.
  • 4pm: Dog is startled by burglar and runs out of the house.
  • 6pm: Council catches it and puts it down without notifying owners.
Despite the fact he had a microchip implant which would have identified him and his owners to vets, he was put to sleep.

A spokesman for Weymouth and Portland Borough Council said they sympathised with Lennox's owners but they had acted in the interest of public safety.

My comment: The council officers concerned are idiots. Once the dog was captured, it was no longer a threat to public safety. I hope the owners sue the council because it is obvious that killing the dog within hours of capture without so much as notifying the owners wouldn't increase anyone's safety? More likely they wanted to wrap things up so they could finish for the day and couldn't be bothered checking for a microchip or trying to identify the owners. Check out the timing of events!

Read the full story from the source  Mail On-Line

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