Sunday, 3 April 2011

Under fire Suffolk County Council leader retires after six years

County councillor Jeremy Pembroke has retired as leader of Suffolk County Council after six years in the post.Mr Pembroke announced his retirement yesterday and said it is because he does not plan to stand for re-election to the authority in 2013.

He said he believes a new leader should be given the opportunity to make their mark.

Mr Pembroke has come under fire in recent months for offering chief executive Andrea Hill her £218,000 salary when she was appointed three years ago.

With major government cuts, there has been public fury over her salary and in recent weeks, the issue heightened after it was revealed Mrs Hill spent more than £12,000 on training sessions.

His retirement was announced the day after it was confirmed the council’s director Graham Dixon was leaving, along with monitoring officer Eric Whitfield.

My comment: He probably realised he hadn't a chance of being re-elected following his part in the whole CEO fiasco. What goes around!

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