Friday, 1 April 2011

Thugs get £2k jaunt to ‘keep out of trouble’... but cause trouble

FIVE thugs sent on a £2,000 trip to keep them out of trouble ended up attacking a man during the jaunt.

They were among 19 known troublemakers taken away to avoid clashes with English Defence League marchers near their homes.

Town hall bosses spent more than £2,100 on the day trip, which was supervised by a cop and five council staff, a court heard.

Prosecutor David Swinnerton said Sandwell Council organised the trip to "distract the 19 from anti-social behaviour"

Last night Race Equality Sandwell boss Derrick Campbell said: "I would not say the trip had failed."

My comment: No it was a resounding success wasn't it? NOT. Where do councils get these bloody idiots from?

Read the full story from the source The Sun also read Richard Littlejohns artilce in the Mail On-Line

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