Saturday, 9 April 2011

Police manipulate statistics

Official determination to manipulate crime figures has reached new heights of idiocy. Data is no longer a reflection of performance, but an exercise in deceit of the public.

In this brave new world of propaganda — conjured up by a string of directives — a vast array of crimes are reclassified by ‘crime managers’ to lessen their seriousness.

So burglaries of potting sheds become ‘badger damage’, broken windows are blamed on ‘frost’ and stolen handbags are listed as ‘lost or misplaced’. Even vandalism to vehicles can be ascribed to ‘stones thrown up by speeding cars’.

The warped priorities of this culture are also reflected in the ridiculous amount of time we have to devote to the creed of diversity.  At times it seems as if the modern police force is seen by senior managers as a vehicle for social engineering rather than deterring crime.

My comment: I have been arguing for years that the Local Government Ombudsman manipulate their statistics to appear more effective than they really are. It's now looking more like common practice for public bodies as more and more are exposed for doing the same thing. Where is the independent auditing/scrutiny!

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