Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Medway council red tape stops Royal Wedding street party

A street party organiser scrapped her plan to celebrate the royal wedding after being told the event would need to be insured for £5million.

Hayley Mills said she was also put off by the amount of council red tape she faced, including safety rules banning bunting higher than 5m (16ft 6in).

She said: ‘You have to nominate a person to take responsibility for virtually everything – health and safety, food safety and people’s behaviour.

‘There’s a huge burden on the person who organises it. It all sounds good at government level but at local level, it doesn’t seem to work.’

Mrs Mills revealed her anger with Medway council in Kent yesterday as David Cameron urged authorities not to let bureaucracy stop street parties on April 29.

The red tape facing Mrs Mills was ‘a bit daft’, said Chris White, chairman of the Local Government Association’s culture board.

My comment: Typical Council jobsworths who only back peddle when the press exposes their stupidity.

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