Thursday, 14 April 2011

Inspector Undies

A TOP COP dubbed "Inspector Undies" has been fined £1350 for sending threatening messages to a junior policewoman he was having an affair with.

Lovesick Tom Halbert, 49, was a married dad-of-two when he started an affair with probationer Emma Louise Laou. The affair lasted nine months - at a time when he was off work due to "mental health difficulties". But when Ms Laou rejected him, he couldn't accept it.

One of the messages he left stated: "You've got two minutes to phone me back or if you don't I'm going to destroy you." As well as the "destroy you" message, he left another threatening to invoke Regulation 13, which relates to the dismissal of probationers, if she did not contact him.

Paisley Sheriff Court yesterday heard he was now seeking early retirement on medical grounds - but would resign from the force if that proved unsuccessful.

My comment: Anything you say may be taken down... - "Knickers" :) 

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