Thursday, 21 April 2011

Flintshire council chief may face no-confidence vote

A NORTH Wales council chief executive faces a possible vote of no confidence as the row over next-day vote counting following the Assembly Election took another turn yesterday.

The six councils in the north of the country have decided to dispense with tradition and not begin counting votes for the May 5 poll until 9am the following day.

Mr Attridge [a councillor] said: “I was calling on the chief executive of Flintshire County Council to count the constituency votes as soon as the ballots close, at 10pm on the Thursday evening. That’s in his jurisdiction as a chief executive as the returning officer for Flintshire.

“It had cross-party support across the chamber, so the vote was won. The chief executive still refused. He said he was standing by his North Wales chief executive colleagues and he wouldn’t be changing his mind. “I have no other option but at the next opportunity call a vote of no confidence in the chief executive of Flintshire.

My comment: I thought our councillors made decisions which the CEO carried out. In this case the CEO is ignoring the wishes of the council. So what is the purpose of our elected representatives if a none elected CEO can ignore them and do his own thing? Never mind a vote of no confidence they should sack the CEO without further ado and get someone in that can follow orders. Preferably one that doesn't need to spend £millions on consultants because he and his staff need outside help to do the job they are paid to do! 

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