Saturday, 2 April 2011

ESSEX County councillors rack up £439,355 expenses

ESSEX County councillors claimed a total of £439,355 in expenses between October and December last year, new figures show.

It equates to an average of £5,632 each for the 78 county councillors across Essex.

Each county councillor gets a basic allowance of £2,874 with those on the cabinet or special committees getting special responsibility allowances of between £334, or in the case of council leader Peter Martin, £13,374.

On top of this they can claim for petrol, fares, food and accommodation.

My comment: At one time councillors were limited to expenses but a few years ago the government decided to put them on the tail end of the public sector gravy train by giving them additional allowances (a salary by any other name). How long do taxpayer's think it will be before they are up there with the other public sector fat cats? Remember the days when council CEOs were paid modestly? Now look at their obscene remuneration packages!

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