Thursday, 14 April 2011

Does anyone believe this LGA bullshit?

The first coherent picture of how the cuts are affecting services up and down the country came out last week, with the publication of the LGA’s survey of council finance directors.

It showed that councils were cutting the costs of senior and middle management while protecting services for the most vulnerable.

My comment: Tell that to the front line staff losing their jobs whilst their fat cat managers are still troughing out at the taxpayer's expense. 

Read the full story from the masters of spin known as the LGA

1 comment:

  1. Not me.

    Not the case in Barnet.

    OneBarnet ( formerly EasyCouncil ) is just swallowing money and management and the Borough doesn't seem any better to me.

    The Council has just managed to mess up its Council Tax bills right royally; some issued twice, some without the payment barcode and some not at all.

    Yours frugally

    Mr Mustard