Saturday, 2 April 2011

Councillors, cuts ... and a £9,976 question

THE juxtaposition of councillors voting through reductions in services and job cuts but refusing to cut their allowances has not been lost on the Derby public.

Above all it has angered Ian Samways, chairman of the independent panel which invested time voluntarily to make the recommendations that would have saved the authority £54,000.

Those proposals were to freeze the 51 councillors' basic allowance at £9,976.43 and reduce the number of members who receive additional payments for carrying out special responsibilities such as chairing committees.

The idea was that it would reduce the expenditure on councillors by 6.9%, in line with reductions being made elsewhere in the authority.

If that could not be done by reducing the number of special allowances, it was recommended the council consider reducing payments instead.

Currently 76% of councillors receive the special responsibility allowances. According to national guidelines, only 50% should.

Those allowances, on top of the basic payments, mean £778,386 of council taxpayers' money goes straight into councillors' pockets. 

My comment: Turkeys don't vote for Christmas!

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