Sunday, 3 April 2011

Council leaders raid children's services to pay for 'champagne-swilling' jolly

Council leaders were locked in a furious row with Ministers last night for spending thousands of pounds on a champagne-fuelled Budget Day event – while sacking scores of workers in cutbacks.

One of the authorities even plundered its children’s services budget to cover the cost of the event at a time when it is axing 300 jobs.

Last night a Minister condemned the councils for ‘pleading poverty’ while using public money to ‘swill champagne’ at London’s five-star Grosvenor House hotel.

Barking and Dagenham Council in East London, which spent £1,500 despite being in the process of shedding hundreds of jobs. It took the money out of its children’s services department.

Islington Council in North London, which has announced £100 million in cuts over the next four years, paid more than £2,000 for ten of its most senior directors and legal advisers to attend. At least 300 of its workers face the sack.

Bournemouth Council, which paid £1,800 for the resort’s mayor, two councillors, two officers and three colleagues from outside organisations to enjoy the dinner. It is slashing its budget by more than £10 million within two years.

My comment: Read the full story and you will see there are many more councils squandering taxpayer's money on swilling champagne.

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