Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Council demanded £95 to take away rubbish bags after charity litter pick

A family who went on a sponsored litter-pick to raise money for charity were astonished when their local council demanded a cut of the proceeds.

Peter and Amanda Waller and their children walked five miles of pavement and roadside verges to fill 22 bin bags with empty crisp packets, plastic bottles, discarded cans and other rubbish.

But their pride at raising £300 towards a school-building project in Africa was dented after officials in Mole Valley district council presented a bill for a third of the money.

Council leader Cllr James Friend said: 'We are happy for people to pick up litter and it’s clearly not appropriate to charge this chap.'

My comment: Well Councillor Friend, why did your council try and charge him only relenting after the press got involved?  Your Council should have been grateful that somebody was doing the job taxpayers pay them to do. 

Read the full story from the source Mail On-Line

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