Friday, 22 April 2011

Chief Constable's BMW is targeted by thieves

Chief Constable Stephen Otter has been given crime prevention advice after having his police radio stolen from his company car.

Thieves raided a number of "personal items" and his Devon and Cornwall Police issue Airwave radio – worth £350 – after Mr Otter had parked his BMW estate outside his Exeter home two weeks ago.

Mr Otter immediately reported the incident after returning to his car the next morning to find the contents of the glove box had been strewn around.

"I don't know how they got in," Mr Otter told the Western Morning News. "I am absolutely certain I locked it because I always do. It just shows that nobody is immune from crime."

The chief constable said there had been a spate of vehicle-related crime in his street over the last couple of weeks.

My comment: In his position I wouldn't admit I'd left the car open either. Especially when he knew there had been a spate of vehicle-related crimes in his street. I like the bit where he states "It proves that police officers and chief constables don't live in a bubble."  I wonder how many people in his area drive a company BMW and leave it parked overnight in a street known to be a hot bed of vehicle-related crime?

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