Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Birmingham City Council calls in bailiffs 200,000 times a year

Bailiffs are called in to collect unpaid council taxes and parking fines in more than two million cases a year across the country and more than 200,000 in Birmingham, campaigners have said.

Almost 5,500 cases a day are passed to debt recovery agencies by local councils in England, Scotland and Wales, a report showed.

Daniel Hamilton, director of Big Brother Watch, said: "The coalition Government must act now to end the culture of bully-boy debt collection which has taken hold in town halls across the country.

Local Government and Housing Minister Grant Shapps said: "The coalition Government will rein in the aggressive use of bailiffs, and defend people's rights and liberties against home invasion.

My comment: The last government wanted to extend the power of bailiff to force entry into homes to collect civil a debt. Now that is what I would call bully boy tactics.

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