Monday, 11 April 2011

Barnet council paid £1.2m for 'illegal' security

A security company paid more than £1 million by a London council will be investigated by a government watchdog after it emerged that it was not properly licensed. MetPro Rapid Response worked for five years for Barnet council - including having contact with children.

MetPro was criticised for filming anti-cuts protesters by using "covert" jacket lapel cameras at a stormy budget meeting at Hendon town hall last month.

The company, which styled itself on the police, offered "arrest and detention" of intruders, despite having no special powers.

MetPro, based in Southgate, went into liquidation with £400,000 debts. 

My comment: As far as Barnet are concerned why did they accept the word of MetPro without any prudent validation? As far as MetPro are concerned they were just bullyboy dickheads pretending to be something they weren't. Which makes Barnet's problems about their failure to validate all the more relevant. I wonder if any of the councillor's family or friends were involved with MetPro?

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