Tuesday, 19 April 2011

£4m... and officials came up with a play park that doesn't even have a slide

The local council said the playground had been designed to encourage toddlers to ‘use their imaginations’. But Emma Jones, 35, who went to the opening last week with her toddler son Ben, was unimpressed.

‘The play area is a huge disappointment – in fact, it’s rubbish. We’ve waited two years for the park to reopen and after spending £4million expected something more than a tiny swing and the train and chickens from the old park,’ she said.

Mrs Jones, from nearby Burntwood, said she had already heard of one child falling and banging its head while using the climbing rocks. ‘It beggars belief that someone thought it was a good idea to have jagged rocks in an area for such young children,’ she added.

‘Telling toddlers to use their imagination is a joke. Are they supposed to imagine a slide and a roundabout.

My comment: Well most people can only imagine what a competent council is.

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