Sunday, 17 April 2011

£2m credit card spending spree by Treasury

Treasury civil servants under Labour used taxpayer-funded credit cards to drive go-karts, make chocolate and buy furniture for Ministers’ offices.

Sources revealed that in September and October 2008 a Treasury card was used to pay £1,300 for two £650 days out at a go-karting track in East London. Civil servants also spent £2,740 on testing their chocolate-making skills at London-based firm MyChocolate. In 2008, £3,300 was spent on a John Lewis sofa for a junior Treasury Minister, who has not yet been identified.

The revelations come after it emerged the taxpayer footed a £1,400 bill for Speaker John Bercow's washing machines. 

My comment:  I can understand washing machines for Bercow because that's one man who desperately needs to clean up his act. Will anyone ever get the sack for spending taxpayer's money like this? 

Read the full story from the source  Mail On-Line

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