Wednesday, 13 April 2011

25 abused children die under the noses of social workers

Twenty-five children have died and dozens more been seriously injured despite being known to social services, an Ofsted report reveals.

Vulnerable youngsters are let down in ‘too many’ cases by professionals who fail to listen to the concerns of grandparents, neighbours and even fathers, it says.

Local authorities and other agencies failed to learn lessons from the Baby P scandal, the report shows.

My comment: Why should Local authorities and other agencies improve if the worst that can happen is that the odd member of staff loses their job. The problem lies with Toothless watchdogs who can only write retrospective reports and make recommendations. We need watchdogs who kick arse not suck up to the authorities under investigation! Don't forget that Ofsted gave Haringey a good report just before the shit hit the fan with Baby P and then, and only then, did they back-pedalled like crazy to save their own reputation.

Read the full story from the source  Daily Mail

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