Friday, 25 March 2011

When a watchdog becomes a lapdog

Following in the footsteps of the discredited Local Government Ombudsmen, we now have the anti-sleaze watchdog (IPSA) agreeing concessions with MPs, including allowing more to claim rent for a home in London.

Other changes include paying housing and travel costs for children over the age of five and raising staff budgets. MPs will also be able to use Parliamentary credit cards more to ease “cashflow’’ problems.

The proposals by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority should take effect next month, the deadline MPs had given the body to reform or face an overhaul. MPs complained that the system put in place after the expenses scandal is too bureaucratic and leaves them thousands in the red.

Commons Leader Sir George Young welcomed the steps “towards a regime that better enabled MPs to do their jobs”.

My comment: "towards a regime that better enabled MPs to do their job" or towards a regime that makes it easier for them to fiddle their expenses? 

The Watchdog taxpayers wanted
The Lapdog taxpayers got
When a watchdog starts to act as a lapdog for the body they are supposed to be watching they just become another waste of taxpayer's money. Local Government Ombudsmen have been Local Government Lapdogs for years and can no longer justify their existence. IPSA looks like they are now following suit by doing what their masters, the Government, tell them. Nice little doggy, roll over!

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