Monday, 28 March 2011

Westminster Council pays firm £600,000 after parking contract U-turn

A Tory council has been forced to pay £600,000 compensation to a firm it axed as its parking contractor after only a few days.

Westminster had to fork out to stave off a costly court action after it awarded a £46 million contract to Mouchel and then swiftly scrapped it.

The fall-out happened after Westminster realised it had failed to follow its own rules when awarding the UK's biggest parking contract to Mouchel last March.

My comment: It's only taxpayer's money, they can always sack a few more front line workers rather than the idiots responsible in order to recover the money they wasted. Want to know how much they (over) paid their (incompetent) senior officers last year? Download the Rich List and look at page 306.

Read the full story from the source London Evening Standard

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