Saturday, 19 March 2011

Watchdog raps Essex County Council for breaking rules

ESSEX County Council has been condemned in an official report for not carrying out basic procedures properly. Local government watchdog the Audit Commission investigated six areas where the council received a Government grant.

Despite the council spending tens of millions of pounds on managers and consultants, it often failed to meet basic standards of accounting, proper practice and checking on work.

Failings included: - When it asked for information, in nine cases the commission says it received it late and it contained errors.

- For the third year running, contracts for the council’s Surestart programme, worth £31million, were not awarded in accordance with rules which required a full tender process.

- The council, and those it gave grants to, did not keep proper records of where the money was spent, and council accounts were littered with errors.

My comment: A system so open to corruption needs more than a rap from the Audit Commission. Another failure by an ineffective Watchdog! Essex County Council should sack the person responsible, end of. In addition why did it take the Audit Commission  three years to report Essex County Council for not awarding contracts in accordance with rules? 

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