Wednesday, 16 March 2011

UK Border Agency lost track of 180,000 migrants on expired visas

An astonishing 181,000 migrants whose right to live in Britain has expired could still be here, auditors have found. The figure includes workers, students and their relatives whose visas have run out in the last two years, and who have been refused permission to stay on.

The National Audit Office, which uncovered the statistic, said immigration officials ‘cannot be sure’ how many have gone home. It found the UK Border Agency knew where all the failed applicants had lived in Britain – but has not checked if they are still there.

My comment: Most staff, if asked if they had done the job they were paid to do, replied by saying I cannot be sure, would be sacked or at least disciplined. Apparently this is not the case with immigration officials!

Read the full story from the source Daily Mail

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