Friday, 4 March 2011

Tribunal continues into claims Flintshire councillor bullied director

FLINTSHIRE County Council’s former head of housing has given evidence in the tribunal investigating her allegations that she was bullied by a senior politician.

Mrs Lewis claims that during a council scrutiny meeting in February 2007 to discuss high levels of sick leave being taken by staff Cllr Heesom referred to her management of the housing service as ‘a shambles’ and ‘shambolic’.

“It’s not right for members to make derogatory comments about officers in public meetings,” she said.

“It doesn’t show any respect.

My comment: Why shouldn't a councillor (during a scrutiny committee meeting) refer to the management of a public service (paid for by taxpayers) as shambolic if management has created a culture that results in a high level of staff sick leave?  Otherwise why have a scrutiny committee? 

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