Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Soldier blown up in Afghanistan fined £60 for parking in disabled bay

The ticket was issued by Poole Council while Corporal Billington was home from hospital for a few days before going on to the forces' rehabilitation centre Headley Court in Surrey.

Poole council has now scrapped the parking ticket and apologised to Corporal Billington after realising they had made a mistake.

Jason Benjamin, parking services manager at Poole council, confirmed council procedures did allow for tickets to be overturned in ‘exceptional circumstances’.

He added: "However, in this instance we did not initially deal with this in the way that we should.

‘When this matter was brought to my attention, the ticket was cancelled immediately.'

‘We have apologised to Mr Billington for the stress which this incident has caused, and reinforced to our staff they need to apply our appeals procedure appropriately to ensure that this does not happen again.’

Councillor Les Burden, of the council's transport department, said: ‘The welfare of anyone who has been injured serving in Afghanistan like this is our main concern.

‘It was important to resolve this. We must be careful in our treatment of people who are less fortunate than us.’

My comment: If the idiots at Poole had applied a little common sense in the first place there would have been nothing to resolve. What is it with public servants who only come to their senses when the press becomes involved? 

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