Sunday, 27 March 2011

Probation Service wasting taxpayer's money.

HOME Office contractors travelled six hours from Liverpool to South Wales and back to change a single carpet tile, it has emerged.

The extraordinary trip was exposed in a report detailing the red tape that saw probation service chiefs repeatedly summon workmen halfway across the country to clean windows, paint walls or fix blocked toilets.

A worker travelled from London to fix an alarm in South Wales – only to find he didn’t have the part.

Window cleaners were repeatedly sent from the Midlands and Manchester areas to bail hostels in South and Mid Wales.

Carpenters travelled from Birmingham to repair a broken cupboard in North Wales – but decided it needed a new door and left without fixing it.

My comment: Once again these cases highlight that public bodies' wilfully waste  taxpayer's money!

Read the full story from the source  Wales On-Line

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