Thursday, 31 March 2011

Gosport Borough Council, red herrings and councillors

A SUSPENDED councillor is refusing to pay back thousands of pounds in allowances after claiming to have saved taxpayers £200,000.

Dave Smith is still being paid his general members’ allowance of £435 per month despite being suspended from Gosport Borough Council in March last year.

The suspension means he cannot attend council meetings or carry out his duties as a councillor. But a loophole means Mr Smith is still entitled to an annual sum of £5,220 in general members’ allowance.

My comment: The above is a red herring to hide the real story which is why he was suspended in the first place "In a report in The News in May 2009 Mr Smith later accused officers of corruption. He was then reported to the now-abolished Standards Board for England by the council’s chief executive Ian Lycett." Why can't a councillor call council staff corrupt if he thinks they're corrupt? He is a local taxpayers representative not the Chief Executive. This is a good example of why the Standards Board was abolished by Eric Pickles, because councillors and council staff were wrongly using it to bully and silence their critics.

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