Thursday, 24 March 2011

Police warning for former councillor in emails dispute

A former Keighley councillor has received a police warning in a dispute with Keighley Town Council.

Brian Morris, the former chairman of the town council’s allotments and landscapes committee, confirmed he received visits from a police sergeant at his home earlier this year.

But he said he was not charged with anything. “I thought it was a joke and a waste of police time,” he said.

Keighley town clerk Miggy Bailey said she and her colleagues took action after receiving “unacceptable” e-mails from Mr Morris.

My comment: I thought that was what spam/email filters were for. Note how the Police get involved when a council or councillor reports a very minor problem (Daffodils) but often don't want to know when a member of the public reports serious crimes. I wonder if the Police would get involved every time I received a few 'unacceptable' emails?

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