Friday, 25 March 2011

North East Lincolnshire Council fills none job post

The UK’s most infamous non-job has been filled.

Non-job of the week: Future Shape Programme Manager, paying £70K a year. Since then this non-job has been talked about by newspaper columnists and has featured on radio and television.

North East Lincolnshire Council’s chief executive insists this new role is vital for the council. In the following video you will see a clip of the new Future Shape Programme Manager, and there is an interview with the chief executive at the end.

It’s as if someone has asked the question, “Are we over-staffed?”, and they got the reply, “I don’t know, but perhaps we should hire a few more people to find out!” 

My comment: If the council's senior staff  don't have the skills to shape the future of the council then they should be sacked. The current CEO's comment in the video 'we can't do it to ourself is ludicrous'. Me thinks he should be the first to go followed by the elected representatives who approved this nonsense.

Read the full story (and watch the video) from the source Tax Payer's Alliance

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