Monday, 7 March 2011

MoD wastes £1.5m on ‘useless’ fire engines

BUNGLERS at the Ministry of Defence have blown £1.5million on five useless fire engines. The specialist trucks have sat idle for nearly three years because they don't carry enough WATER to meet regulations on emergencies.

Incredibly, they were bought by the MoD's Defence Fire Risk Management Organisation (DFRMO) - the same body that SETS the water requirements.

To add to the farce, one of the vehicles - which cost nearly £300,000 each - recently tipped over during trials of new tyres after testers got the pressure wrong.

The scandal comes after The Sun revealed on Friday the MoD was paying £22 each for 65p lightbulbs, and £103 each for screws - to the dismay of Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox.

My comment: The MoD, more laughs than a carry on film.

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