Friday, 25 March 2011

The LGA fat cats

One useful role for the Local Government Association could be offering Town Halls some tips of streamlining layers of senior management. Unfortunately the LGA is in no position to do - it is a worse offender in this regard than any local council.

Look at these salaries for the LGA "family." Why does the LGA needs three levels of chief executives? The CE John Ransford, The Deputy CE Jo Miller and the newly appointed Assistant CE Corin Thomson. This is an organisation that doesn't deliver any services to the public - yet has more levels of chief executives than even a large local council.

There are a further 20 people at LGA with salaries in excess of £85,000, another three at Local Government Employers in excess of £95,000, another three at Local Government Regulation £85,000 and another one at Local Government Leadership at £100,000. The salaries stated do not include pension contributions by the employer which can add another 15-20%.

My comment: Councils should stop spending taxpayer's money for membership of the LGA. They are already paying huge salaries to the fat cats in their own authorities, why should they use taxpayer's money to contribute to the hefty salaries handed out to employees of the LGA. Divert their LGA membership cost to front line services!

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