Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Leicester City Council memory stick goes missing

Council memory stick containing codes to house keys of 2,000 vulnerable residents goes missing.

Medical details were also contained on the computer stick, Leicester city council admitted. Bosses are scrambling to change the KeySafe home codes for affected users. The files of nearly 4,000 vulnerable LeicesterCare residents were lost.

My comment: Another 'you couldn't make this up' story about a public authority.

Read the full story from the source Mirror News

This news comes almost two years after Leicester City Council signed an undertaking with the ICO for losing details of 80 children on an unencrypted memory stick.

My comment:  Never mind signing undertakings the person responsible should have been sacked two years ago and the person responsible should be sacked today. We need  watchdogs with teeth not one that relies on signed undertakings that are obviously worthless .

Read the full story from the source

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